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I have been wanting to start up a brand for a while now. Not
just a senseless designer brand but a brand that stands for something with
meaning and to have a goal of positive impact, not just to others but to also
be a positive motto and lifestyle for myself. 
So that is where I came up with R.G.U.

R. Stands for Recognize.

Recognizing 1 problem that you are doing to hold your self
back and stick to it. Sometimes it can be overwhelming when you have many
habits that are hard to break. Sometimes you attack them all at once and it
gets to the point where you fall back into all the BS you initially were aiming
to combat.

So that’s where (Recognizing) comes in. Recognize and to be aware
of that (1) habit you’re not ok with and stick to it don’t allow yourself to
give up.

G. stands for Growing.

Growing your internal self for the better is a lot easier
said than done. It’s ok to slip up sometimes its normal your human, but keep in
mind you’re the one holding yourself back from your greater self. There may be
road blocks and haters that get in your way but its (Your) life no one else’s,
they are not the ones that are going to have to live it for you so you  can’t let those negative things dictate your
path. You control you path and even if you felt like there was something that
was out of your control, reflect and think about what you can do to prevent
that from happening again and grow from it. we all have setbacks but if you
fall… get back up! and if you get knocked down again get up twice as fast! Try
to keep a mindset of improving and trying to be a better version of yourself it’s
on you how you bounce back. Treat it as if you’re going up a hill and you may
take a step back but never fall back to the bottom no matter what stay strong
and keep growing.

U. stands for Unite.

This motto is not created to beat yourself up or others,
honestly this saying is just my human opinion and there is more than enough
hate in this world and we don’t need more. This last letter stands for even if
you find something that is either is a helpful or encouraging you don’t have
tear other people down or start a hate war over it. The uniting part is if you
have some helpful info, unite with your friends, family or peers. If you see
someone going through a hard time try to pick them up. I feel like people once
they find a successful path or a key, they like to keep it to them self’s just
so they can have this weird up on people. Imagine a world where no one helps
each other out and everyone is selfish VS a world where everyone is out to help
each other with life challenges or just  give some decent advice.  I just see the 2nd world being
stronger. I believe although humans are incredibly competitive creatures, in my
opinion we are the strongest against challenges and tribulations when we (UNITE),
when (WE) work (TOGETHER).

Thank you so much for the support and whatever you are going
through just know you’re not alone on dealing with challenges. I believe you
can overcome it and that’s what  R.G.U stands

 I’m in the (R) stage myself
(hence the loading bar status), so we are in this together. As the community
builds so will we! And after you overcome that one thing and you level up, move
on to the next thing and after that keep going! It stops when you decide it
stops. Stay focused, stay strong, no one can take your dreams away from you.

Sincerely,  JayLabs  :)